SkyWrap®- A Proven Solution

SkyWrap ® - A Proven Solution

Approved by major utilities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South and North America

More than 32,000 km installed since 1982

In service in 56 countries world-wide


Wrap onto OPGW | Minimal environmental impact | Cost-effective | Live line on earth wire | Suitable for difficult-to-access locations | Low maintenance costs | Scalable capacity | Rapid network roll-out | Increased network capacity | Reliable & secure | Installation on any metallic overhead line including OPGW

Ultimate Flexibility

SkyWrap® is the preferred solution for difficult installation and environment conditions.

Not affected by sunlight or pollutionr

Doesn’t cause excess ice build up
Not damaged by lightning strikes or fault currents
Not damaged by tracking, arcing or corona
Doesn’t cause high wind loads, galloping or Aeolian vibration
Doesn’t require towers or poles to be modified or strengthened

AccessWrap technology

AccessWrap is AFL wrap technology for broadband access or distribution networks

It uses SkyWrap experience and technology to apply fibre optic cables to overhead lines

Optimised for use on MV power distribution lines:
  • 6 to 35 kV
  • Post insulators
  • Small conductors
  • Wood poles

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